Villa Tallhöjden
Villa Tallhöjden

Quiet, subdued and with a slightly magical atmosphere

Ambitious couple with a keen interest in architecture, design and quality fled from Stockholm to their dream home in Trosa. They aspired to the feeling of living in a hut among the treetops. Yet with direct proximity to the land, to have nature close at hand and preferably even indoors. To sleep under the stars, to feel the wind blowing as you take a bath. To cook with a sense of freedom. Functional and practical for everyday use, generous and inviting for parties.

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The house is positioned high up on the plot to maximise views and counteract overlooking. The sunny part of the plot remains untouched. Walkers and cyclists can approach from the south side, with sheltered cycle parking under the house terrace, and then ascend via wide south-facing stairs.

The house is shaped like a U, adapted taking into account the plot boundaries, level curves and existing trees. The U-shape creates a sheltered outdoor space that captures sun and views, and opens up valuable circulation and contact between inside and outside. The outdoor space consists of two parts, a covered terrace with seating for 20 people at long tables plus a wide sun staircase for hanging and laying cushions, placing flower pots etc.

A coherent building volume with simple basic geometry. No overhangs, overhead gutters or downpipes. Facades and trusses of standing timber panels, initially dark and eventually grey. Inspired by and interacting with the trunks of trees and the play of light between them.

Each room has its own special qualities. The kitchen is centrally located and has floor to ceiling windows, of course also close to the terrace. The corridor is narrow but widens in several places. The master bedroom is secluded but has direct access to the terrace and both panoramic and skylight windows. The smaller bedrooms have a shared mini terrace, over which you can climb to each other. Bathroom with studio character and bathtub directly adjacent to large picture window. Social area with fireplace and picture window, high among the tree trunks.