Nacka Energy
Nacka Energy

Joining forces for a smarter future

Nacka Energis employees plan, design and install extensions, operation and maintenance of the electricity network and distribute electricity to over 28,000 subscribers in a rapidly expanding Nacka municipality.

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    Nacka Energi
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    Stockholm, Nacka
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The premises on Ryssviksvägen in Point Nacka were completed in 2018 and harness the "energies" and strengthen the identity of a high-pressure business. The work environment strengthens collaboration, community and teamwork. Proximity in the premises for fitters and other employees, with service vehicles and warehouses, office space and meeting places, as well as a clear, open and robust environment have been prioritized, participation for all!

Boundaries between different zones in the room are clarified, from the powerful collaboration zone with a permissive environment for creative meetings, relaxation and shared information, to zones for focused work in a quieter context. Zones are delineated and clarified in the open context mainly by different flooring materials and colours. The furniture is selected for different types of work with variety and durable furniture "for everyone" in focus.