From private rooms to open office

The open landscape and atmosphere of Skåne inspired Microsoft's new office in Lund. The Lund operation has made the journey from separate rooms to open offices and now has greater access to different types of room functions and spaces for meetings and collaboration - both spontaneous and planned. The social "hub" is central to the employees - where they work, eat lunch, play games and hold informal and formal meetings, after-work etc.

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The interior design concept is taken from the core of the business - developing software for managing imagery on digital tools such as computers, phones and tablets. The various functions and elements of the camera - zooming in/out, focusing, mirrors and lenses - have inspired the design of the layout, furnishings and lighting. Creating a connection to the local - Skåne and Sweden - has also played an important role in why the office looks the way it does.

The characteristic Skåne fields have been interpreted in patterns on carpets, walls and ceilings, and the earthy colour scheme and different textures of the fields have influenced the choice of colours and materials. For the foiling of the glass sections, the employees' own photos have been used and partly turned upside down, as if broken through a lens.

The workplace lighting itself is designed in consultation with the user; the indirect up-lighting is constant, while the down-lighting is separately dimmable for each double workstation. This allows for a high degree of individual adaptation to the different requirements of graphic screen work.

Designer luminaires are chosen to reflect the theme and reflective ceiling tiles are used to reflect light in certain spaces.