Media house in K-marked property

Chimney Studios produces and creates films and communications for clients in some 60 countries, from concept and production to world-class post-production. The new premises are located in Tullhuset on Skeppsbron in Stockholm. The K-marked 18th century building has been adapted to technologically advanced editing studios and a spirit of openness, life and movement.

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On the ground floor is a large, welcoming lobby under the arches with large windows facing the stream; a gathering point for staff and a meeting place for international visitors. The environment is pleasantly relaxed yet super professional.

The interior design concept is Family Chimney - large and welcoming with souvenirs from friends all over the world. The colour scheme is subdued and the décor mixes recycled with new classics. Soft textiles and soft lighting create atmosphere. Chimney Studios occupies most of seven floors. No core changes to the building were possible or additions that could not be restored. One challenge was the very high requirements for good acoustics and lighting. The advanced studios for editing, sound etc. are "floating" in space and can be dismantled and moved, if necessary.

No attachments or additions that could not be restored were allowed. We used spotlights and wall fixtures to create an atmosphere that is comfortably relaxed yet super professional.

The beautiful arches were highlighted with uplighting. Warmly coloured wall luminaires create an intimate and welcoming feel. Mirrored materials on the columns reflect daylight and contribute to the lighting.