Unified drive towards a new meeting place and collaboration with high ambition for climate footprint reduction

Intrum works with people and their personal finances. Part of its purpose is to pave the way to a healthy economy. This is guided by four core values that reflect how Intrum conducts itself in its daily work. It is about creating value for people, business and society with a united approach to treating everyone with care and respect at all times, achieved with equal fairness and honesty.

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The ambition of Intrum's new offices in Stockholm and Gothenburg is to embark on a joint journey of change and to secure the conditions for a good physical working environment and the involvement of employees in collaboration and interaction. Increase physical activity in everyday life towards a healthier work environment.

A common journey of change

Make cost-conscious decisions that align with Intrum's business in optimising office space, making environmentally conscious choices and enabling increased productivity.

The main argument is to create pride in an attractive workplace. A healthy working environment with a positive change and an increased congruence with the business and culture.

Intrum previously had much too large premises in Stockholm and Gothenburg. Through workshops and change work, we as architects have implemented the vision, goals and ambition in new premises, where the main goal has been to create the best workplace for Intrum.

Through feasibility studies and project objectives, common goals for the new working environment were established. The mission was to design an office that stimulates and enables a modern and efficient way of working. Reform offered sustainable materials throughout the project - which was well received by the project team.

During the design process, the new impact targets would be met. Reform created a pleasant office with a main focus on sustainable materials and efficient use of resources.

A well-designed work environment with light, colours and contrasts is attractive and provides good conditions for all senses in a healthy workplace.

Sustainability work is an approach

Reform created a strong visual concept that is easy to apply to all Intrum offices, interpreting Intrum's core values, principles, identity and graphic profile that now form the basis of the design language.

The ambition grew to achieve an original office, where sustainability is an approach based on several aspects, materials, furniture, colour, design language, as well as the office as a workplace and meeting place. Reform has chosen furniture with a high environmental label. Several products are made in Sweden from raw materials from Swedish forests.   

For the custom-designed interior, board material from waste material and recycled shoe shoe material has been used. MDF boards, which make up a large part of all hidden parts in joinery, do not contain formaldehyde.

Recycled fishing nets and industrial waste

The majority of the selected furniture textiles are made of recycled polyester and have a high durability. 82% of the floor area is covered by textile carpet made from recycled fishing nets and industrial waste. Reform has also chosen not to stipulate any animal products such as wool and leather. This is from an environmental point of view but also from an ethical perspective.

We have chosen to colour the walls and floors in a timeless colour scheme and used a classic design language based on the circle and square (also found in the Intrum logo). To create variety, the office is divided into different colour-coded zones, as well as making conscious choices of contrasts in light and texture.

Reform's team of interior designers and lighting designers have worked towards a clear goal of creating the best workplace for Intrum so that they can attract new employees in a healthy, responsive work environment. The result is an inviting work environment with many collaborative spaces and work areas.