Solporten Fastighets AB

The Solporten office has the feel of a morning walk on the beach

Solporten Real Estate - the name brings to mind sunny yellow, warmth and something positive.
That's also what the property owner's new office exudes.

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    Solporten Fastighets AB
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When we were again entrusted with the task of creating Solporten's own premises, we partly drew on the concept of the previous premises, which we had decorated and lit a few years earlier.

The move has now been made to slightly larger and brighter premises. The desire was for a durable design that would last for many years to come. The yellow colour remains, albeit toned down. The colour scale is more natural with some blackness. The glass sections have black lacquered profiles. The materials used throughout the interior set the tone: acoustic ceilings made of wood wool in natural colours such as beige or grey-brown. Patterns and textures are created by grooved, patterned tiles and wall panels made of stick-bonded wood. Carpets and curtains tie the rooms together, all surfaces are cared for

To enhance the cosy feeling, we highlight the materials and colours with a soft light, like the sunlight in the morning mist. Hidden LED lighting behind wall panels adds a nice trailing light to walls. More distinctive light from spotlights highlights details and features and adds punch to the whole. Art features prominently and is illuminated with spotlights or wallwashers.

In the offices and kitchen we have reused suspended luminaires as well as furnishings in all parts of the office.

The corridor along the façade has been given rhythm by wall luminaires and rigour by a light line in the ceiling.

'We had an ambition for an industrial feel with warmth and softness but it turned out better. Simply brilliant.'

Kristoffer Wilhelmsson

The reception desk is reusable, with its specially designed illuminated sun in the front. Well thought out placement of good light just where it is needed, gives dynamics to the rooms.

In summary, the Solorten office has the feel of a morning walk on the beach - the soft sandy beige tones and the sun glistening on the water.