Trustly 2.0
Trustly 2.0

Reuse and professionalism where conviviality is high on the agenda

This is Trustly's newest headquarters in Stockholm. Trustly is growing fast on the global fin-tech scene. The move to new, larger premises on Rådmansgatan gave Trustly's classic interior design concept an upgrade by reusing furniture mixed with new ones. The challenge was to smartly make the 450+ workspaces feel personal and airy, and to combine workspace with shared creative spaces.

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A place for creativity and relaxation.

At Trustly, we value the opportunity to socialise and gather in one place. A high level of professionalism is combined with relaxed breakfasts and after-work. At the centre of the new office is a multifunctional area where employees can meet to socialise, work, eat and organise events. A Fun Room is located at the heart of the space and is visible through glass partitions from the external area as well, as a presentation of what the company stands for.

The environment makes employees happy and ideas grow and take shape. For concentrated work, there are the more secluded open spaces with classic desks and lots of screens.

Reusing furniture seems like a matter of course today. At Trustly, they are given new life with new contexts or upgraded finishes. The colour scale is kept subdued with lots of green plants and touches of vibrant patterns and surprising details.

Existing lighting reused

The lighting should reflect and enable both the playful and the focused professional. The project involved reusing much of the existing lighting. It was adapted to the new layout and supplemented in particular with spotlights on tracks.

It is a flexible and easy way for the tenant to vary the lighting and create atmosphere. It also offers spaces with relatively low light levels, which are particularly appreciated by younger employees in this occupational group.

Above the workspaces, the existing large luminaires have been retained, providing a wide general light over the entire office area.