Red Bull
Red Bull

Nothing is standard in Red Bull's new office

Red Bull's new showroom and offices, in the Tobacco Monopoly in Stockholm, feature an elegant colour palette of blue, black and gold contrasting with natural materials such as marble, leather and wood. The graphic expression on the can with sun, rhombus, bull and fonts inspired the interior design of the office. Leather upholstered furniture (the bull), round shapes (the sun), diamond patterns in carpets and furniture and thin black details and lines (the font), such as frames and cords for lamps, recur as a theme throughout the space and contribute to a strong sense of unity.

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Red Bull's enthusiasm for sport, adventure, music and art is manifested in the interior through frosted quotes on glass panels and images of artists and athletes from the Red Bull network.

The reception and lounge area is designed for great flexibility, as the space is often used for events and parties. The custom-designed reception desk is foldable and movable and can be used in the flexible space also as a bar. Acoustic panels on the walls with photo prints of sports and culture reflect the never-ending energy of the product and the company.

The lighting is partly focused on a warm lounge feeling in public areas with elements of artistic light installations. A play of decorative electric cables and uplighting against swings in the reception area contributes to unexpected experiences.

The office area has been visually lifted with uplighting against the white painted beams above the expanded metal, and well-balanced pendant LED panels provide direct light. Luminaire choices in black and gold and the right light in the right place contribute to an office that has won several awards.