10x Genomics
10x Genomics

A centrally located research laboratory and office in a safe and stimulating environment.

10x Genomics in Life City, Hagastaden, has been given an inclusive and dynamic environment consisting of half office and half laboratory on 2000 m².

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10x Genomics is an American biotech company that develops and designs instruments for scientific discovery in biological systems. Instruments used during research in the life science industry.

When two companies merged into one to become part of 10x Genomics, Reform provided expertise to create an inclusive and dynamic workplace. A modern and fit-for-purpose research environment, where security and oversight are key.

The furniture and furnishings in the office area consist to some extent of recycled materials and new furnishings. A well-processed and adapted concept based on the customer's design program where warm colors and materials are the theme of the color palette and in strong contrast to the neutral color scale of the laboratory part.

The lab furnishings consist largely of freestanding lab tables in the open areas. These should be flexible and easy to move and adapt to the changing needs of the business.Open lab areas provide a good overview and create proximity to collaboration. Closed rooms with hygiene and sound requirements have large glass sections to ensure a good overview and eye contact despite their shielded activities.

The lighting is adapted to the activities. In the laboratory, there is a wide and relatively cold and shadow-free light. Above the office workspaces, the light is warmer. In the reception and lounge areas, the light emphasizes the comfortable interior and contributes with its warm light to a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere. Soft organic shapes of the pendant luminaires contrast nicely with the straight integrated light lines of the wooden ceiling panel.