360 degree view of the rooftops

At the top of Fenix in Hagastaden, creative game studio Ubisoft Stockholm has finally found a home, full of space and with 360 degree views of the rooftops.

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The focus has been on creating an office as a "magnet", as the creative work of game development largely requires meeting, socializing and learning from each other. Coming to the office should be a first-class experience. Here you will have access to your colleagues and your team, and you will be able to work in a focused manner both individually and together with others. The social activities follow each other with, among other things, a game lounge and a newly developed Multipurpose room with "state of the art" technology for film screenings, games, seminars or whatever you can think of. There are also several studios for sound, music and jamming. This will create the new creative force, culture and sense of community that we have lacked in recent (pandemic) years.


The new office has a central light atrium, where social areas, communications and service functions such as reception and service desk are strategically placed. Along the outer facades are large open rooms with workplaces for the teams. The acoustics are well studied and muffled. But as we all know, not all game developers like views and sunlight, so it is of course possible to close the light-tight curtains and turn down the lights in sections...