"We lack companionship, but companies also need to create magnets"

02 May, 2021

Conversations are ongoing: What happens to the office when the pandemic is over?

The pandemic has forced the majority of offices to close down and we have had a year where a lot of work has been done from home.

Some love it - others don't. The new situation will have a profound impact on our view of the office. When the vaccine kicks in - what happens to the office?

At Reform, this issue has been on the agenda from day one, when restrictions forced many workplaces to close down. We've been actively working on the issue since the pandemic broke out - from how to corona-adapt an office, to how to create a work environment with social distance and what role the office will play in the future.

This topic will be explored by some of Reform's contributors. Here, Jenny Öberg, architect at Reform, talks about how companies need to create "magnets" to bring employees back to the office.

We lack companionship but companies also need to create magnets

"Employees lack companionship and companies need to create magnets"