Hotel & Restaurant magazine on Reform's brilliant work for Spesso

May 21, 2021

The rooftop restaurant Spesso is located on the 16th floor right next to the iconic NK clock. The space includes a Hotel & Restaurant magazine highlighting Reform's work on the lighting design for the new Spesso restaurant.

- The atmosphere at Spesso is relaxed and international. The leather, dark wood and concrete décor creates a cosy and exclusive feel. A challenge with the lighting was to avoid reflections in the window sections around the entire space. You want to see the view, not the glare," says Reform's lighting designer Beata Denton in the article.

Beata explains in the article that Reform has worked with the light so that it is well-directed and narrowly focused on the areas they want to illuminate.

- The light sources of the luminaires are high mounted to avoid glare. Spotlights and cylindrical pendant luminaires add distinctive pools of light to tables but leave guests seated in pleasantly subdued light.

Spotlights also highlight details, such as champagne buckets and the colours of the bottles on the bar shelves. The interior designers from Hippo-Ray have come up with a unique metal creation that hangs above the bar.

- We at Reform developed special pendant luminaires that only release a soft light sideways, without creating any sharp glare in the metal. We also avoided lighting up the ceiling or adding extra light down on the bar. The food and drinks are the focus here, with the view of the night sky as a backdrop.