Game development gem in central Stockholm

Axolot is a creative studio that builds and publishes sandbox games like Raft and Scrap Mechanic. They are part of the growing "Swedish gaming wonder" and Reform designed their new, larger office in a penthouse in Stockholm, with terraces and views of the rooftops and Central Station tracks.

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The concept is inspired by different elements; sky, sea, forest, earth. Shiny steel panels meet raw concrete floors, bright colors, green and special joinery that together create character. The work environment is customized for the game creators with great ergonomics, acoustics and lighting design. Features for future success and development.

A workplace filled with the creative power and culture they truly possess.

Our mission has been to create a slightly wild but laid-back "office magnet", because the creative work of game development largely depends on physically meeting, socializing and learning from each other. A good office is a competitive advantage, and in the games industry you need to attract the best developers.

The office must be an experience. It should inspire you, give you easy access to your colleagues and tools, and allow you to work in a focused way, solo or with others. Spaces for social activities are also very important and now we have combined all these features and aspects to create exactly the kind of atmosphere Axolot has been longing for. A workplace filled with the creative power and culture they truly possess but somewhat lacked during the pandemic years.

The main idea has been to connect the two floors with a central staircase, which represents the (red) heart of the office. Surrounding spaces are then divided into lounges, workplaces and meeting areas inspired by different elements, such as sky, sea, forest and earth. Shiny stainless steel panels reflect light on the ceiling, creating a sense of dazzling water. The wall panels are made of oak and reindeer moss. Parts of the ceilings are painted sky blue with pendant lighting that resembles stylized clouds.

Reuse and tailor-made design

We have stripped away layers of the old floors, used the underlying concrete and added luxurious soft carpets. Ceilings are reused but the old fluorescent fixtures have been replaced with new functional and more flexible lighting.

Furniture and furnishings are a mix of recycled and new, as well as specially designed furniture - such as the table that is a centerpiece of the kitchen lounge and the specially designed lawn in the plant lounge.

As it is a small/medium sized office, we have worked on creating different zones and themes that flow into each other to create a wow feeling, but also focus on the relaxed and practical feeling. Almost like the different levels of a game, you could say. The green area for recreation, movie watching and games. The urban vertical obstacle course with training equipment and the eye-catching red staircase as the main feature.