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Tant Grön bar & terrace

An elegant cocktail bar with a view

Tant Grön vinbar is an extension to a grand former summer residence from the turn of the last century, with an impressive location at Baggensfjärden in Stockholm.

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    • Hospitality
    • Lighting design
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    Vår Gård Saltsjöbaden
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Today it is run as a hotel and conference centre. The wine bar is a welcome addition for guests.

Reform was asked to be involved as lighting designers and got involved early in the project. The client had a vision of a timeless and elegant atmosphere inspired by Downton Abbey and the happy 20th century.

The interior has a palette of green tones, leather and brass, and soft textiles.

The challenge in lighting was the long glazed façade facing the cliffs and water. Here we wanted to avoid glare on the glass and also keep the view as free from distracting elements as possible.

The spotlights used have a deeply recessed light source and honeycomb louvres. Even the extra-long, narrow cylindrical pendants above the coffee tables have recessed, narrow-beam light sources. They add a distinctive light against the glossy table surface while not disturbing the view.

The bar itself should be the focus. Over it we have suspended golden ice cubes that sort of dance across the counter.

Multi-level lighting contributes to a cared-for feel: LED strips are integrated into the fixed furnishings and rechargeable lamps are placed on the small tables.

The light strip at the top of the brass drapery gives a golden shimmer that plays nicely against the sunset outside.

Interior: YLLW