Four of Reform's clients can win Sweden's Most Stylish Office

October 23rd, 2020

This is something we are happy and proud of!

But what does a "nice office" mean?
Stylish is one way of describing a really good office. A workplace that responds. If our clients and employees feel their office is neat, then we're happy. Because that means that what we've worked on and filled the office with - it's right. Where the environment doesn't interfere or interfere with the experience or the work to be done. We claim that beauty comes from within. Because if the office - our shared workplace - doesn't offer what the business demands in terms of function, ergonomics, sustainability and flexibility - well, it probably isn't pretty either.


Reitan Convenience Service (7-Eleven and Pressbyrån headquarters)


Paradox Interactive

Facts about the competition
The winner of Sweden's Most Stylish Office will be chosen at the seminar Stora Kontorsdagen. The competition is organised by - Sweden's leading marketplace for vacant premises.

The aim of the competition is to showcase the large number of stylish and smart offices that exist in our country.

The office that best meets the criteria of style, working environment and innovation will win the competition.

The prize for the winner of the most stylish office is, in addition to the honour and all the attention/publicity, an exclusive work of art that will further enhance the office environment for the tenants of the winning office.

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