"Much more will be required of office interiors in the future"

26 March, 2021

Sini Nenonen, from Reform, gave a lecture together with Vanna Gunnarson from ElinderSten on the theme "How will the office be after the pandemic". The lecture was part of the Office Day, organised by Fastighetsvärlden.

- There will be a lot more demand for office interiors in the future, as they compete with working from home and close to home. The office needs to offer the best of the best, both functionally and visually, to attract employees," says Sini Nenonen.

The focus will shift to supporting different types of meetings, creative work, socialising and healthier lifestyles. The interior must clearly reflect the company's brand, both to reinforce team spirit among employees and to act as a business card to clients and new recruits.

- The battle for new talent will become tougher; and the office environment that is inviting, flexible and conducive to well-being and social activities will play a greater role in attracting new talent, says Sini.

Sini Nenonen on Office Day (5 min)

Sini Nenonen at Office Day 2021 (short version 5 min)


Watch the full lecture (18 min)

Sini Nenonen at Kontorsdagen 2021 (long version 18 min)