All work and no play… Yeah well, that don’t make sense. So, when all of us at Reform and Reflex had a field related educational day the other week, we rounded off with a fun upcycling exercise.

In small groups, and quick pace, the assignment was to design an architectural seating furniture and make a 1:5 scale model of it. The twist? Well, the given material was a variety of our old storage side covers and tops that we didn’t need after our office relocation. Fine, lacquered 18mm MDF, boards that we haven’t had the heart of throwing away. And anything can become something else if you just reimagine, and reform it.

So now, we have a bunch of fun, cool, and refreshingly odd pieces of furniture to move forward with and some of them are to be made in full scale, from the old material, so stay tuned for that.

And don’t forget to have fun and to respect even ”waste” material. Use it!