Thank you all for coming to open our new office!

It's great to have been able to open our new office and start a new chapter for Reflex and Reform. Thank you all for celebrating with us. We'll see you again soon.

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Office Day 2021


Reflex partner Jenny Öberg spoke at Fastighetsvärlden's event Kontorsdagen 25 November on the theme "Suddenly the home has become the new workplace for many and meetings have become digital. What new demands does Corona place on office design? And how should tomorrow's offices be designed to cope with future pandemics?"

The world's best office


Coca-Cola - ranked as the world's best office

15 minutes city


Peter Sahlin, partner at Reflex and founder of Reform, shares his views on sustainable architecture, of which the 15-minute city is an important part.

Office Day 2021 (short version)


Reform's Sini Nenonen lectured together with Vanna Gunnarsson of ElinderStens Arkitekter on the theme "How will the office be after the pandemic" at the Office Day, arranged by Fastighetsvärlden.

Home away from home


New office in Münchenbryggeriet offers the right conditions for an activity-based approach

What happens to the office when the pandemic is over?


The pandemic has forced the majority of offices to close down and we have had a year where a lot of work has been done from home.

Light brings the project to life!


Even though the brightest day of the year is approaching and we have daylight pretty much around the clock, light plays a very important role in all our projects. With the right light in the right place, we highlight and clarify architecture and interior design, emphasising features and enhancing colours, materials, gloss and texture.

Sustainable architecture


Reflex partner Maria Hedensjö Bergqvist talks about her views on sustainable architecture.

Homework and the office after the pandemic


The home office is in many cases a good fit for the individual, but for many of our clients working with, for example, game development and fintech companies, it's difficult to get the creative process to work across teams. Here, Reform's Peter Sahlin tells us what's happening with offices after the pandemic.

Lighting particularly important when working with new conditions


To create an effective and pleasant working environment, it is important to design lighting that is dynamic, controllable and suited to the tasks at hand.