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Now you can vote for Spesso in the [d]arc awards!

Now you can vote for Spesso in the [d]arc awards!

04 February, 2022

We are pleased and proud that our lighting project for Spesso restaurant has qualified for the short list of the international [d]arc awards.

Voting is now open for lighting designers, lighting artists, interior designers and architects.

Until 28 February you can vote via the link

"Much more will be required of office interiors in the future"

Now you can vote for Spesso in the [d]arc awards!

26 March, 2021

Sini Nenonen, from Reform, gave a lecture together with Vanna Gunnarson from ElinderSten on the theme "How will the office be after the pandemic". The lecture was part of the Office Day, organised by Fastighetsvärlden.

- There will be a lot more demand for office interiors in the future, as they compete with working from home and close to home. The office needs to offer the best of the best, both functionally and visually, to attract employees," says Sini Nenonen.

The focus will shift to supporting different types of meetings, creative work, socialising and healthier lifestyles. The interior must clearly reflect the company's brand, both to reinforce team spirit among employees and to act as a business card to clients and new recruits.

- The battle for new talent will become tougher; and the office environment that is inviting, flexible and conducive to well-being and social activities will play a greater role in attracting new talent, says Sini.

Sini Nenonen on Office Day (5 min)

Sini Nenonen at Office Day 2021 (short version 5 min)


Watch the full lecture (18 min)

Sini Nenonen at Kontorsdagen 2021 (long version 18 min)


Four of Reform's clients can win Sweden's Most Stylish Office

Now you can vote for Spesso in the [d]arc awards!

October 23rd, 2020

This is something we are happy and proud of!

But what does a "nice office" mean?
Stylish is one way of describing a really good office. A workplace that responds. If our clients and employees feel their office is neat, then we're happy. Because that means that what we've worked on and filled the office with - it's right. Where the environment doesn't interfere or interfere with the experience or the work to be done. We claim that beauty comes from within. Because if the office - our shared workplace - doesn't offer what the business demands in terms of function, ergonomics, sustainability and flexibility - well, it probably isn't pretty either.


Reitan Convenience Service (7-Eleven and Pressbyrån headquarters)


Paradox Interactive

Facts about the competition
The winner of Sweden's Most Stylish Office will be chosen at the seminar Stora Kontorsdagen. The competition is organised by - Sweden's leading marketplace for vacant premises.

The aim of the competition is to showcase the large number of stylish and smart offices that exist in our country.

The office that best meets the criteria of style, working environment and innovation will win the competition.

The prize for the winner of the most stylish office is, in addition to the honour and all the attention/publicity, an exclusive work of art that will further enhance the office environment for the tenants of the winning office.

Read more here:

This is ABW - a clarification

Now you can vote for Spesso in the [d]arc awards!

31 March, 2020

As interior designers, we often experience anxiety and confusion among clients and organisations when we talk about ABW - activity-based working. It is not for everyone, not a one-size-fits-all solution, but requires specific conditions. Jenny Öberg clarifies the concepts, the process and the results you can expect on